An Entertainer’s Choice

As a professional actress, I cannot take my skin for granted. Keeping my youthful glowing complexion requires diligent care and continuous maintenance from a skincare professional. Therefore, I am extremely selective when it comes to an aesthetician. Mindy McGinty of Sensational Skin is a consummate professional. My skin is always at its best as Mindy is a true perfectionist. Her knowledgeable consultations are always honorable as she has the individuals’ best interests in mind. Personally, she has talked me out of certain treatments in which I have been interested as she felt they were unneeded. I do not know many Spas that would take that approach. There is, however, only one downside to Mindy’s talented expertise…I now have to remember my ID whenever I go out because I am constantly getting carded but I guess a gal could have worse problems. Thank you Mindy! Both my skin and I are indebted to you. Continued success.

– Laura Lynn Cottrel, West Chester, PA

Category: Testimonial